Naam hond: Kush
Ras/soort: Pitbull / American staffordshire-Terriër
Reu/teef: Male
Gesteriliseerd/gecastreerd: No (na het vinden van de juiste nieuwe baas zal Kush worden gecastreerd voordat hij gaat verhuizen)
Schofthoogte: 55 cm
Gewicht: 22 kg
Geboortedatum: 3 June 2015
Adoptiekosten: € 250,-
Verblijft in: Den Haag bij huidige eigenaar
Op de website sinds: 26-03-2018

Over Kush in het kort

Kan alleen thuisblijven: Yes
Kan met kinderen: “Yes!”
Kan met katten: “Yes!”
Kan met anderen honden: “Yes please!”
Kan mee in de auto: Yes, we even drove a full car from Sweden to the Netherlands with Kush in the back seat, super easy.
Kent basiscommando’s: Yes, like “sit”, “kom hit/hier” and reacts well to his name.
Waaks: Doesn’t bark on neighbours sounds, but occasionally when there is a sound that is “closer” he can start guarding, but quickly forgets about it.
Kan loslopen: Yes, works well with other dogs and keeps close to us even when loose, but he is very curious so sometimes he finds an interesting smell or view and forgets about us….. so we always keep an eye on him!
Jachtinstinct: No…. if butterflies doesn’t count…
Gedrag op straat: Curious but easy. Very social, wants to say hi to every dog, cat, human, squirrel, bumble bee, duck…
Gedrag naar bezoek: Always social and positive but can be a bit excited with guests (wants to say hi, to kiss in the face etc.) so he needs an hour something to calm down and act “normal” again.


We adopted him as a 2 months old puppy from a family in a village in Sweden. He grew up with us in an apartment, adapting to the city life. He never had any medical problems except one time when he was a puppy he ate a huge mans sock, which blocked his stomach for 2 days and then it came out.

When he was a bit over a year, we moved to the Netherlands. Life is better for him here, much more open spaces, parks and beaches where he can run of the leash.

Reden van afstand

Mom and dad are separating. Neither of us can keep him and take good enough care of him, so despite the huge amount of heartache this becomes, it’s better for him.

Wat zoeken we voor Kush

We want to find a home where he will have a lot of company, by humans or animals. Where he will come out a lot on walks in parks, bosjes and beaches. And of course, a home that gives him a LOT of love. He can take it.


He has a good appetite that goes well with his curiosity, so do not leave food rests or trash bags within reach when you leave him home alone! It will have vanished magically when you get home. But then it reappears the next day, for you to pick up with poop bags!



Heeft u interesse in Kush en kunt u hem een gouden mand bieden? Mail uw motivatie, gezins- en werksituatie zo uitgebreid mogelijk en wij brengen u in contact met de huidige baasjes van Kush.


Voor honden die ter bemiddeling op onze website worden getoond ligt de verantwoording volledig bij de partij die de hond ter herplaatsing aanbiedt!
Deze partij kan een particulier, stichting of asiel zijn.